Pia Rodriguez

Full Name: Sophia Erika M. Rodriguez
Birthday: September 3, 1998
YLSS #32
Email: yapi.0903@gmail.com

Sophia Erika Mendoza Rodriguez, or as people call her “Pia”, has a life filled with passion and dedication to the colorful world of Art. She brings her imagination into life by making use of brushes and paint and producing impeccable masterpieces. She is also fond of music! She can sing, play the guitar and the piano – and because this girl was born with overflowing God-given talents, she can also dance! In fact, Art makes Pia truly the happiest because it gives her the capability of expressing herself and her ideas. Pia believes that life can sometimes make you feel like you’re a blank canvas and a book without words. But if you are going to be passionate about anything, stay positive, live your life having strong faith in God, and trusting Him in whatever you do, the blank canvas that you think you are will be drowning in colors and you will be a book filled with millions of words that would give life to every pages.

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