About Little Whispers

Today, the wonders of technology allow communication to be done through a gadget or a computer screen. It doesn’t matter if someone was all the way across the Earth, you could speak to them with the simple press of a button! Even if you’re alone at home, you can tell an audience of hundreds about how you are feeling, what you are listening to, or what you want to do in 140 characters or less.

Imagine if Jesus was able to live in this present time. He wouldn’t have just 12 followers, he’d have 12,000,000! His words could and would reach people all over the world, just like the celebrities we have on the internet today.


Fortunately, His Word lives with us today. The Bible is a collection of the things God wants to tell us – a living message that continues to make itself known. It’s a book of His Little Whispers, and each one of us is a microphone. Our stories let others know of His continued presence in each one, how His Spirit continues to live through His youth today.

Little Whispers aims to bring the daily readings and these stories and reflections of His youth to the doorstep of your heart. Today, the God who spoke the universe to motion is whispering to you! All you have to do is listen!

Little Whispers is created and written by the members of BLD Youth Manila.
To find out more, visit facebook.com/bldyouth.

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