Little Whispers, Nina Miranda


First Reading
Colossians 1:15-20
Brothers and sisters:
Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God,
the firstborn of all creation.
For in him were created all things in heaven and on earth,
the visible and the invisible,
whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers;
all things were created through him and for him.
He is before all things,
and in him all things hold together.
He is the head of the Body, the Church.
He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead,
that in all things he himself might be preeminent.
For in him all the fullness was pleased to dwell,
and through him to reconcile all things for him,
making peace by the Blood of his cross
through him, whether those on earth or those in heaven.

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 100: 1B-2, 3, 4, 5
R. (2b) Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.
Sing joyfully to the LORD, all you lands;
serve the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful song.
R. Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.
Know that the LORD is God;
he made us, his we are;
his people, the flock he tends.
R. Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
his courts with praise;
Give thanks to him; bless his name.
R. Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.
For he is good,
the LORD, whose kindness endures forever,
and his faithfulness, to all generations.
R. Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.

Luke 5:33-39
The scribes and Pharisees said to Jesus,
“The disciples of John the Baptist fast often and offer prayers,
and the disciples of the Pharisees do the same;
but yours eat and drink.”
Jesus answered them, “Can you make the wedding guests fast
while the bridegroom is with them?
But the days will come, and when the bridegroom is taken away from them,
then they will fast in those days.”
And he also told them a parable.
“No one tears a piece from a new cloak to patch an old one.
Otherwise, he will tear the new
and the piece from it will not match the old cloak.
Likewise, no one pours new wine into old wineskins.
Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins,
and it will be spilled, and the skins will be ruined.
Rather, new wine must be poured into fresh wineskins.
And no one who has been drinking old wine desires new,
for he says, ‘The old is good.'”


“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)

I have always considered myself to be a person with high standards. Whenever I have assignments or outputs to be done, either for school or for organizations, I would give them my one hundred percent, putting in a lot of effort and time in finishing them. Normally, I’d even set aside sleep until I’m satisfied and fulfilled with my work. I don’t like settling for something short of best, when I know I’m capable of doing more.

Having this mindset, though, is my greatest weakness. With it, I have become more stressed and anxious because I fixate on the littlest of details. I set standards so high that I lose sight of my goals and the purpose embedded in what I do. I have developed the fear of not being able to achieve certain ideas or plans. Lastly, I easily get upset when things don’t go my way.

Recently, upon reflecting, I have been reminded by a friend that nothing is beyond God’s control. Indeed, today’s Word affirms that God holds power over all the things in our world. He may be the only one who knows of what will come our way in the future, still He will be guiding us in making it happen.

God calls us to place our trust in Him, to lift up everything to Him. We may not always get what we want, but our God is a God who provides. He equips us with what we need, in accordance with His will, and reassures us of His constant presence in our lives.

Reflection Song



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1 thought on “Providence”

  1. I loved the responsorial verses in Psalms.
    I have been comforted by the words from Matt 6: 27, ‘Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature’.
    I have discovered that when I am worry-free God’s anointing flows freely strengthening, healing, restoring…

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