Anonymous, Little Whispers

An Open Letter To Baby Jesus

Hello Baby Jesus!

In two days, we’ll be celebrating Your birthday. I am so excited. I am so excited to see my family laughing over good food, opening presents and having fun. I am excited to taste the food my lola has prepared for me. I am so excited to see my crush in church, nakakakilig talaga kapag nakikita ko siya. I am excited to go on a road trip with my friends; exploring the beaches, trekking mountains and relaxing under the sun!

But most of all, beyond these Christmas traditions, I am excited for You to come into my life again. Baby Jesus, I am so tired. This year has been full of boring, useless and dull stuff that took me away from You. I pray, that with Your angelic cry this Christmas, I may be taken away from my everyday life, and live in Your reality. A reality full of joy, hope and peace. A reality that was born on two thousand years ago.

Baby Jesus, I love you.  You are born into this Earth destined to die a lowly death, fit for the poor, the slaves and the prisoners, but Baby Jesus, I pray that You sleep peacefully; You do not have to do anything for me, all I want is the sound of Your quiet giggle and the sight of Your peaceful smile as You lay silently in Your manger.

Baby Jesus, bring joy to the world, to my world. As I await Your birthday, Jesus, remind me that Christmas is beyond the jingling bells, the cookies and milk beside the fireplace, and the red-and-green gift wrappers littered under the tree. Remind me that Christmas is all about peace, hope and love born in a lowly manger in a lowly town in a lowly country, all because of me.

Yours truly,

A confused human being

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