Little Whispers

God Speaks in Little Whispers


Four years ago, God Speaks published its very first post! It has come a long way since then, publishing more than 600 reflections written by hundreds of people coming from all kinds of backgrounds, sharing all kinds of stories, but all of them have been guided by a hush in the wind, the LITTLE WHISPERS of God have inspired them all!

Now on its fourth year anniversary, we bring to you a refreshing new way to read the Word of God in today’s unrelenting, noisy society. Repackaged for today’s modern Christ lover, Little Whispers is a collection of stories that whisper the Words of God to His youth today.

Little Whispers’ features:

  • Daily readings and reflections to be posted at 4AM!
  • A rotating roster of dedicated and passionate writers!
  • Guest writers every Sunday!
  • Reflection songs that will surely enrich your reading experience!
  • Writers’ Gallery, get to know more about our Little Whisperers!

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are made of or where you’ve been, God is whispering to your heart, all you have to do is stand still and listen.


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