Gillian Hernandez, Little Whispers

Leap of Faith

First Reading
EX 12:37-42
The children of Israel set out from Rameses for Succoth,
about six hundred thousand men on foot,
not counting the little ones.
A crowd of mixed ancestry also went up with them,
besides their livestock, very numerous flocks and herds.
Since the dough they had brought out of Egypt was not leavened,
they baked it into unleavened loaves.
They had rushed out of Egypt and had no opportunity
even to prepare food for the journey.

The time the children of Israel had stayed in Egypt
was four hundred and thirty years.
At the end of four hundred and thirty years,
all the hosts of the LORD left the land of Egypt on this very date.
This was a night of vigil for the LORD,
as he led them out of the land of Egypt;
so on this same night
all the children of Israel must keep a vigil for the LORD
throughout their generations.

Responsorial Psalm
PS 136:1 AND 23-24, 10-12, 13-15
R. His mercy endures forever.
R. Alleluia.
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,
for his mercy endures forever;
Who remembered us in our abjection,
for his mercy endures forever;
And freed us from our foes,
for his mercy endures forever.
R. His mercy endures forever.
R. Alleluia.
Who smote the Egyptians in their first-born,
for his mercy endures forever;
And brought out Israel from their midst,
for his mercy endures forever;
With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm,
for his mercy endures forever.
R. His mercy endures forever.
R. Alleluia.
Who split the Red Sea in twain,
for his mercy endures forever;
And led Israel through its midst,
for his mercy endures forever;
But swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea,
for his mercy endures forever.
R. His mercy endures forever.
R. Alleluia.

MT 12:14-21
The Pharisees went out and took counsel against Jesus
to put him to death.

When Jesus realized this, he withdrew from that place.
Many people followed him, and he cured them all,
but he warned them not to make him known.
This was to fulfill what had been spoken through Isaiah the prophet:

Behold, my servant whom I have chosen,
my beloved in whom I delight;
I shall place my Spirit upon him,
and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles.
He will not contend or cry out,
nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets.
A bruised reed he will not break,
a smoldering wick he will not quench,
until he brings justice to victory.
And in his name the Gentiles will hope.


“Behold, my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom I delight.” (Matthew 12:18)


I have been in the BLD Youth Ministry for more or less than 7 years.

To start my journey with God and the community, I joined the Registration Team. After just a few years, I was surprised to find myself being asked to be no longer just a member, but to become the head of that same team! I prayed and asked His guidance with this calling, but I said yes. I rarely missed our Saturday prayer meetings because I was always excited with my new responsibility. It was not always so easy and exciting, though. I enjoyed being with my members, organizing our materials and, most importantly, bringing joy to others. However, I realized that service wasn’t always easy because of all the pressure, failure, misunderstanding and stress. There came a time when I was really tired of my service and I doubted my growth in the community.

I found out that God isn’t someone who would give up on me. Just a few months ago, I was asked to become the Finance Head! I usually say yes to His calling, but at that moment it was difficult for me to let go of the registration ministry that was really close to my heart. Still, I understand that God knows best and so I took that leap of faith.

I thank the Lord for giving me a heart of service. Truly, I was blessed with the chance to serve God with the other youth members and I could not ask for more. At times, we may not know our purpose in life, but we are always reminded that God calls us to serve in many different ways. We just have to surrender everything and allow His love to remain in us. Keep on holding on! Just have faith in Him and overflowing blessings will fill your heart! – Gillian Hernandez (


Lord Jesus, thank You for giving me chance to serve in our youth community. Thank you for helping me to always have faith in you in whatever trial I may face. May you continue to guide me throughout my service and teach me Your ways. I offer up everything to you as my heart be filled once again with your most perfect love. Amen.

Reflection Question

Do you surrender to Him and take a leap of faith?

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